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Thank you for all your help in helping us buy our first home. Very friendly and it was nice that you could come for the signing of the notary. We recommend Stephania and her expertise.

- A. Tran


With a friendly and professional attitude, Stephanie took us through the process of mortgage, helped us to evaluate the situation, and was able to advise us impartially as to what would be in our best interests, not necessarily her own. It is not every adviser who, taking a step back from the wish to sell their own services, is able to show such honesty, clarity, and commitment to the client as she did. We would like to recommend her to everyone who needs a financial adviser.

- J. Hewitt


I can not recommend Stephania highly enough both as a professional and as a person. She takes time to understand your unique circumstances and gets back to you very quickly. Thanks to her extensive knowledge mortgage experience gained in reputable companies, she is able to provide clear and comprehensive responses without using financial jargon and in perfect English. Her aspiration to meet her client expectations is second to none.

- Norbert Seguin


While visiting friends that bought a new house and talking about mortgage percentage rates they talked me over to let a professional advisor check my financial situation. As they had really great experience with Stephania they recommended her to me. I’m so happy they did! Stephania guided me and helped me find the best mortgage. Se is very thorough explaining every detail, answering every question and supporting me with the whole process. Thank you so much! Will surely recommend her to anyone looking advice on mortgages.

- Andres


Very happy with Stephania! She is super professional and quite hardworking financial advisor. She guided us and helped us with various aspects of the process of buying our new home. She went many extra steps and helped us with challenges that were not her responsibility. She visited us many times to provide clear communication of most important steps. We also had some tension moments because of us being stressed with the process. She always acted with professionalism and this was appreciated. We successfully completed the process and we only have the best to say for Stephania. Definitely introducing her to anyone looking for mortgage advice and help.

- Dimitris and Andie


I was guided like a responsible consultant would do to his/her clinet. Quick response and super explanation skills. From selecting mortgage type till mortgage providers, Stephania left no stone unturned and made things happen as per my expectations. If stephania finance would be publicly listed, I will be more than elated to purchase stocks in them. Stephania also has experience, other tips and is very organized. She was always prepared and always provided best response to my questions. I can vouch for her service without any hesitation.

- Nitesh


We are pretty new in the Netherlands, and thus we have a limited financial history in the country. It doesn't help that I am an entrepreneur, making the mortgage application a bit more challenging. Stephania came as a savior, turning an almost impossible task possible. Thanks to her, I am writing this testimonial from our new house in Schiedam. I will highly recommend her services. She is very thorough, communicative, and super patient with all sorts of questions for first-time home buyers.

- Maheep Gupta


Stephania was a great help and support for me during process of buying a house here in the Hauge. She made the process east and enjoyable as well as sharing all the knowledge and tips with me. Besides that she was just really nice and supportive person which makes whole buying process just easy. Everything went quick and smooth due to great approach! I truly recommend Stephania as a Financial Advisor. Great job and many times thank you!!!

- Kaja Becker

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