Financial planning

Helicopter View or Financial Photo

Financial planning is interesting for everyone. Also for you! Ask Stephania Finance | Financieel Zeker for advice!

Ask us for a complete picture. A picture that is, of your finances. Well exposed, clear and tightly composed. Indispensable for a good insight. We take everything into account – mortgage, pension, life insurance, unemployment, income, assets – and prepare a solid report.

A financial report in which all your money matters are discussed. Especially those who have to do without the security of a stable income – entrepreneurs and self-employed people – benefit from such a financial photo. Knowing where you stand can offer you financial peace.

Those who like to plan ahead in life can use the Financial Plan. Because with every new phase or milestone you look in your wallet and ask: what is possible and what is not? A house with a garden, children, a big trip, your own company, a garden house, to stop working earlier? What do I want now and what could I possibly want in the future?

Don't only rely on yourself for these answers, ask Stephania Finance | Financieel Zeker for advice. If desired, we can offer you detailed advice on all your money matters, based on a financial report. This provides guidance for all your important decisions.

What happens to your financial situation if you become unable to work? Unemployed? Or if your partner dies?

Insight into your current and future financial situation

We hear more and more about financial planning. An unambiguous definition of financial planning cannot be given, but it concerns the inventory and analysis of your current and future financial situation and the planning thereof.

In the inventory, your wishes and objectives for the short and long term are formulated. The planning examines what is needed to achieve these financial goals. We look at the risks that you have to take into account. But with a Financial Plan it becomes easy. You can calculate with different scenarios and easily see what the consequences are.

A number of sub-areas are considered within a financial planning:

Income planning makes it clear what your current consumer disposable income is. But it also provides insight into whether your wishes with regard to this income are feasible now and in the future.

And what happens to your income if you unexpectedly die, become unemployed or incapacitated for work? Everyone therefore needs good income planning. Insight and overview will give peace of mind!

What can a specialist do for you?

A financial planner will discuss your wishes and objectives with you. The financial planner often makes use of advanced software with which various scenarios can be calculated quickly. In addition, he will draw up a plan with you to limit the income risks.

Income planning for both employees and entrepreneurs regarding:

  • Pension accrual
  • Retirement pension (your income on retirement date)
  • Survivor's pension (the income of your surviving dependents upon death)
  • Disability pension (your income in the event of illness and disability)

Individual provisions and income planning:

  • Mortgage
  • life insurance
  • annuity insurance
  • Wealth planning (debts & assets)

After your situation and the risks have been mapped out, the financial planner can also advise you on which solutions are best for you.

An important part of financial planning is estate planning. Financial planning alone will not get you there. After all, you also want advice on how best to plan your assets in order to achieve your wishes and objectives.

Wealth planning involves looking at the possibilities for you to generate or expand capital, for example by saving or investing.

It also looks at how and when this capital should be used. In this way you can use your assets to absorb drops in your income. And in the event of an income peak, you can 'top up' your assets again.

Wealth planning

After the financial planner has mapped out your financial situation, he can advise you on how best to plan your assets to limit your risks and achieve objectives. If applicable, this specialist will also look at the possibilities of transferring your assets to the next generation and how you can ensure that the next generation does not pay too much tax.

The specialist will also be able to inform you about the best way to invest your money and what risks you run with the various options.

Your wishes and goals are also important

Estate planning is not only about the return on your assets, but also about your wishes and objectives and how you can fulfill them without having to run unnecessary and undesirable risks.

One day we will leave our loved ones behind. Inheritance planning or estate planning looks at the legal and tax options for transferring wealth to the next generation.

Prevent the tax authorities from becoming your main heir!

Based on the situation of you and your partner, we will look at what options there are. Significant tax benefits can be achieved with smart estate planning.

Do you know what happened to your estate?

The concept of estate planning, like financial planning, originated in the United States and focuses on the legal and tax guidance of the transition and maintenance of (family) assets.

Not only the tax aspects are important

Estate planning is often about transferring the accrued capital to heirs as tax-efficiently as possible. It is important to consider what your wishes are with regard to the transfer of your assets to the next generation. Estate planning mainly advises on the coherence of prenuptial agreements, wills, gifts and any corporate law.

A financial planner can guide you in areas such as:

  • Changing or canceling prenuptial agreements
  • Amending a will
  • Give a gift
  • Settlement of the estate

Financial planning is interesting for everyone. Now that the government is stepping back more and more, the responsibility increasingly lies with you as an individual. Financial planning provides insight into the current situation and the possibilities now and in the future. This creates clarity, financial peace and security.

With good financial planning, neglected financial matters and overlapping risks and insurance quickly surface. Financial planning ensures that your financial household is reorganized and adjusted again.

It may also be that you don't feel like dealing with this at all. It is possible to make agreements about periodic meetings to see together with the financial planner whether the financial planning is still adequate and what may need to be adjusted.

You can assess whether a financial planning could be interesting on the basis of a number of questions:

  • What happens if I die? Who will inherit from me and will my partner be cared for? On what income should my partner and children get by? Are there sufficient finances to raise children?
  • What happens if my partner dies? What income do my children and I need to get by? Can I continue to work fully? Are there sufficient funds to raise children?
  • What happens if a child dies?
  • Are there sufficient finances for the children to study?
  • When can I retire?
  • What are the consequences if I change employer?
  • Can I stop working earlier? What kind of income do I have to spend? When will my partner retire? Will he/she continue to work? What costs are there then?
  • Am I making use of all tax options?
  • What are the options with the equity value of my home? When can I use these? Are there any tax consequences associated with this?

Face-to-face advice

Personal contact is important in the advice of Stephania Finance | Financieel Zeker. That takes time, attention and commitment. This is the only way to get the most appropriate advice, which you can rely on.

The specialists with whom Stephania Finance | Financieel Zeker works together with, always work efficiently and purposefully. The advisory plan summed up consists of four steps:

  • Inform & inventory
  • Analyze & advise
  • mediate
  • Aftercare